UPDATE: RAISE THE ROOF – Nov. 15, 2020

St. Michael’s Raise the Roof Fundraising campaign is back in full swing and the roof project itself is also moving closer to construction!

A refresher: the campaign goal is to raise $400,000 for replacement of the church and hall roofs, replacement of deteriorated siding, trim and stucco, and finishing off with repainting of both building.  Our NEW fundraising total as of Nov 2 is $201,000 – we are halfway thanks to some recent generous donations!

Since getting back together in September, the campaign team has been working on the design of a large sign for the gable end of the church, facing Victoria Ave, and a smaller poster at ground level  The gable sign could look like this:

We’ve resumed the mailout campaign to all past and present parishioners that we started in early March (just 2 weeks before the COVID-19 shutdown).  Despite COVID, our March appeal raised $8625 from 12 generous donors.  A second letter was sent out earlier this week to over 100 past and present parishioners – we plan to follow-up with these folks as much as possible.

AND we now have a DONATE page on our this website.  Try it out and be among the first to make a donation through our website!  Unless you note otherwise, all donations made through the website will be directed to the Raise the Roof Campaign.

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