Our 55-year-old roof is in urgent need of replacement.

tubs to collect rainwater

Why Should I Care?

St Michaels and All Angels serves a diverse community

Its a place of Christian worship and celebration open to all

Its a base for Church outreach and the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation

Its a home for non-profit secular groups, including 6 addiction support/recovery groups

For the arts, with excellent acoustics and a large hall, its a space for rehearsal and performance

All of this depends on a sound, dry and comfortable building.

What is St. Michaels and All Angels Doing?

We need to raise $600,000.

We started with a capital fund of $53,000. 

In combination with generous pledges and donations from our parishioners, a $15,000 grant from the Anglican Foundation of Canada, a $5000 grant from the Anglican Territory of the People and conditional approval of a $30,000 grant from NDIT, we are almost halfway at $258,000.

The church has tendered the construction  package  in January 2021 in order to start the repairs in spring of 2021.

How can I help?

We need parishioners (active and lapsed), building users, the arts community, and all others who have an interest in the church and its programs to make a contribution.  This is a contribution that you will see and be proud of every time you pass by this church.

$300 pays for 10 sq ft or 1 m2 of new roof

$1500 pays for 50 sq ft or 5 m2 of new roof

$15,000 pays for preparation and painting of one side of the building

Donations qualify for a tax receipt. 

Latest News!

We would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to the Anglican Foundation of Canada for their generous grant of $15,000 towards our Raise the Roof campaign. This is amazing news, and puts us much closer to our goal for this vital project.

Help Us Reach Our December 2021 Goal